Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Hauls: E.L.F

I've been buying quite a bit of stuff online lately. :(

Received my E.L.F haul today. (Yes yes, I ordered it from the USA site. Don't get me started about E.L.F Asia who barred off ordering access from that site) Was so looking forwards to it. Especially the mineral lipsticks after reading Kimoko's haul.

I ordered:
- 3 Mineral Lipsticks: Nicely Nude, Party Pink, Rosy Raisin
- 1 Studio small angled brush
- 2 Custom compact
- 2 Eyeshadow brushes

The compact and eyeshadow brushes are missing from the photo because it's nothing much. I already have those and am just buying extras because I like them. :)

The small angled brush was great. It's tiny and soft. I think it'll be great for my gel liners. :)

The lippies.......

Nicely Nude, Party Pink, Rosy Raisin

look the same in my photos. Pardon me. My camera is really bad. haha.

Anyway, they were supposed to look like this:

Nicely Nude, Party Pink, Rosy Raisin
But obviously they didn't turn up true to pictures. Nicely Nude and Party Pink looks the same. In fact, the lipsticks look darker than they really are.

Nicely Nude, Party Pink, Rosy Raisin

I've tested them. Can't say much for I'm heaty these days and my lips are just so red most of the time. Nicely Nude and Party Nude turn out pink on me. They do appear the same, just that Party Pink is a brighter and more pigmented shade. Rosy Raisin was a nude pink brown shade. It didn't even turn up on me. I guess I'll give it a go another day when my lips are back to normal.

The lipsticks are supposed to be sheer lipsticks. They are rather nice mineral lipsticks. There's no parabens, no preservatives, no funny smell in these lipsticks (and i assume no lead too). They go on smooth and the design is rather chic. But I cannot say so when I touch the black surface because it feels cheap. But noone is going to touch your lipstick cover anyway.

For USD $5, I would say it's ok. The ingredient list really appealed to me.

The not-so-appealing part of the lipstick is when you lift it up to look at the bottom and on the sticker, it reads "Made in China". And then you'll wonder again if they really are mineral lipsticks.

And my verdict? I think it's ok to buy them when they are having sale. I'm not totally blown away by it, partly because the colours didn't turn out the way i wanted. The pinks were too bright/pink for my liking.

But it's ok. I have 10 more lipsticks coming my way. hahahaha..

Correction: It should be 11. OMG...

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Siilike said...

I just checked out Kimoko's post - they have mineral oil in them... not so natural after all..