Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Haul: Watsons 20% off sale

Hello all, Happy new year! :D

Wishing 2010 will be a good year for all of us.

I wanted to post this up earlier but couldn't bring myself to. Feeling a bit tired and drained lately.

Just wanted to share Watsons has been having 20% discount off cosmetics and for the first time, Rimmel London and Majolica Majorca are involved. So be sure to check out Watsons if you want to pick out some items.

I only picked up 2 items. I want more! I heard the sales is still on so there's still time. hehe..

Picked up Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara. Love the purple tube.

Wanted it after watching pixiwoo raving about it in a Rimmel makeup tutorial. She did another review on drugstore mascaras after I bought it. Luckily, it's still her favourite.

Only managed to try this once because I'm having some eye irritation/infection for days. :( It comes with a triple plump brush/wand which's super cute. Reminds me of a cactus plant. It's really very easy to use. I don't like wearing mascaras because I'm not very good with it but this (the wand) really makes wearing mascara so much easier. I grabbed it in 02 Brown Black without checking. It's a very dark shade of brown, deep brown. Might consider getting it black again.

Also picked up another blush from Majolica Majorca in OR211 (Peach) since I loved RD255 (Rose) so much. It's quite sheer for me. Gives a nice peachy glow. Actually it seems similar to Maybelline Angelfit blush in Velvet Peach which I bought earlier. Need to check whether they are really identical.

I had wanted to get OR322 (third from the left) but it was sold out. :(

(Majolica Majorca's website is such a pain to navigate. :x )

Still thinking of getting another eyeshadow quad from Majolica Majorca cos they look so pretty. I have some Urban Decay goodies coming in so I'm contemplating. Hopefully, I'll get to review soon.

Enjoy the long weekend.