Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Hauls: Silk Naturals

Received my mini haul today. Very excited.

I caved it because I wanted Precious. It's a dupe for Eve Pearl's Hunny Bunny. :)
Here's it.


- Precious lip gloss (Clone of Hunny Bunny. Swatched only this and it was so pretty. Need to try this soon.)
- Sample Jamie Blush (something that I've been wanting to try. The shade is different from other Silk Naturals blushes I've got. They are about to remove it from the site)
- Sample Concealer Sleep In a Jar - Medium (Light Peach was too light for me)
- Sample Heavy Coverage Ivory Foundation Base (I want to mix my own concealer :D)
- Sample Glow Foundation Base (it's their new foundation base which is slightly more glow-y)
- Yellow Color Booster for foundation (It's SUPER yellow. I totally love it. I could totally tweak my foundation to the right amount of yellow now and maybe even do a yellow concealer for the undereyes. I've left posts asking Everyday Minerals to invent these pure colored bases so that it's easier for tweaking foundations but apparently EDM didn't hear me. But Silk Naturals did. Love them. I think I whined a little that when we have sprees for Silk Naturals, shipping gets expensive. And they added that FREE shipping for large orders soon after. :D Love love love how Silk Naturals respond to customers.)

Here's Jamie Blush and Sleep in a Jar - Medium upclose. Yeah I know the amount of samples in the 5g jar is so little. That's the only thing I'm not happy with. But as their ingredients are expensive and they are a small company struggling against other bigger mineral makeup companies, I guess we cannot complain.

Colours are a little off. But I kind of like the look of Jamie. The concealer looks promising too.

And here's the freebies.

Got the Green Goddess mask for making USD$10 of orders . It's a clay mask in powder forum. Not very exciting but I didn't mind trying. Silk Naturals likes to slip a freebie for customers to try. Don't want to complain but I got Tender lip gloss AGAIN. It's a little gross they give lipgloss, cream liners samples in a cotton bud bu oh well, at least it's a freebie.

If you are tempted to make an order too, just thought you would like to know that they give 5% discount off for first-timer orders. Just key in the code "friend" before checking out. :D

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