Saturday, March 21, 2009

Haul from Robinsons Expo Sale

Went to the Robinsons Expo Sale 2009.

Bought these from Stila. :)

- Eyes and shine - smudge pot trio (Black, bronze, gray) $20
- Single Eyeshadow pan in Cha Cha for $10
- Eyeshadow duo for $10

The eyeshadows were all right. Not very pigmented and rather shimmery. Cha Cha was something I've been wanting to get so I'm kind of glad I got it cheap. It's minty green but has golden shimmers. I find it very pretty for a spring colour. Though I'll probably have to use it wet to get it to show.

The smudgepot trio was a steal. They can be used as eyeliner or eye shadow. However, the eyeliner brush was missing from the box. I wouldn't mind having an extra brush, but after realising the brush is made in China, I didn't really mind after all. :P

A very small picture of the swatches. Pictures didn't turn out clear. Could only savage it by resizing. Top to botom: black, bronze, gray.

The smudge pots are very creamy and soft. Used my own Silk Naturals eyeliner brush (which I didn't really like either for it's too thin) for swatching. Bronze turned out great, very smooth. I didn't really like how black and gray turned out. It was a little uneven and smudgey. But they seemed great for smudging eyeshadow. Very easy to spread and blend.

Overall I'm rather pleased with it. Was planning to get a few more Indelible Gel Liners and Creme Eyeshadows from MAD Minerals. Now I can save some money.

I own only one Indelible Gel Liner in Chocolate Mousse. In comparison, I still prefer Indelible gel liners. Very easy to use. The only problem I have with them is sometimes, will find them too dry or dry up too fast. That's why I don't really want to buy too many of them in one go.

I think I might go down Robinsons Expo Sale again! :D Didn't buy much this time because I wanted to leave before it gets crowded.

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