Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Samples

In case you missed it.

Get samples of Cure Natural Aqua Gel here at their website

I was kind of sold after watching this

Cure Natural Aqua Gel works as a gentle exfoliator in removing dead skin cells. I've already tried the testers at Watsons. Got a lot of white flakes from rubbing on my hand. It also promises that those white flakes you get are really from dead skin and not from the exfoliator. I wonder if they are hinting Ginvera's Marvel Gel in any way. I'm currently using Ginvera's Marvel Gel so maybe a review to compare after I get to try this on the face. Do get a sample because this product is selling a pricey $38 in Watsons. It's best to try before buying. :p

KOSE Mask White also giving out samples at their site but I'm a little late. :(
It's currently on hold but for those interested, just bookmark it so that you can redeem it if they decide to reopen again.

That's all.

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