Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review: NYX Blushes

These are some of the NYX blushes I bought during 50% NYX sale and what I owned before that. Yes I bought all 3 types of blushes they have: - Mosaic Powder, Powder Blush and Rouge Cream Blush. I'm loving all of them. Can't decide which I like more. One thing's for sure. I'm not done. I still want more. :P

From left: NYX Mosaic Powder in Dare and Rosey

Dare is a coral shade. It's very pretty with some shimmery browns/bronze along with the coral shade in it. Very pigmented and gives a very pretty glow on my face.

Rosey is a medium pink shade. There's a light pink, rosey pink, purple shades in the compact. The overall turnout is really just a vibrant rosey pink shade, which I find it a bit hard to wear. It can turn out to be quite loud when you overdo it. Would probably try using the colours separately as blush. You would need a smaller brush as the compact looks big in the picture but in real life, you would find it to be smaller and harder to just dab on single shade.

For the two mosaic blushes above, they will just turnout like the top rightmost shades.

From left: NYX Mosaic Blush in Peachy and Highlighter

Peachy contains shades like a beige, peach, brown, bronze as illustrated in the photo. The turnout is just a natural flush on the face, which I would say is good for everyday when you don't feel like wearing pink/peach/red cheeks.

Highlighter contains shades like a yellow, pink, purple, white. It is a highlighter for the face, not really a blush. The turnout is really nice, giving a soft focus to where you dust it. It's not really translucent as you can see a little bit of whiteness. Probably would not recommended for darker tone girls. I really like this a lot. :)

Overall, the NYX Mosaic Powders did not disappoint. The blushes look smaller in real life as compared to pictures you see online. I'm not sure why. It could be the mosaic prints playing tricks on the eyes. These are pigmented, but they are also very powdery so it can be a mess after swirling to get a good mix. Some people find it chalky but I don't really think so. Like I've said earlier, you can try using a smaller blush brush to use the shades separately. Haven't really done that so I can't review.

The mosaic powders can be used as eyeshadows too. I've tried it with Dare and it works well. Definitely pigmented enough to be used this way. Pinks and oranges blushes might not work that well as eyeshadows because I doubt most people can carry them off as eyeshadow shades. You can consider getting the brown shades in the Mosaic Blush collection to double as bronzer and eyeshadows. I'm not really interested in the browns in this range so I can't review those. :P

From left: NYX Powder Blush in Pinky and Peach

Pinky is this bright hot fuchsia pink. I feel it is too cool-toned pink for me. It did not work for my yellow toned skin. Looks really off. I have tried it very light hand but it doesn't work. Not recommended for very yellow toned girls. It doesn't go well with yellow. :\

Peach is a very pretty peachy pink. I read it off another blog that it is recommended for Asian ladies so I had to get it. It is such a pretty colour. It's like the most perfect peachy pink I've seen. I like this a lot for it really gives me a nice glow.

Overall, the NYX powder blushes did not disappoint too. They are very pigmented and also very powdery. They are definitely not chalky compared to the NYX Mosaic blushes. As I don't like my blush to show up very obviously, I don't really need to use a lot. I love both colours in the compacts although only Peach suited me better. They look really gorgeous. I'm lemming for more shades from this range.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal

I bought this with the intention of using this as a cream blush base to make my powder blushes stay longer. Haven't tried it that way yet. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal is the lightest shade in the range so I picked it up. I thought it would be a soft earthy pink, like a rose petal shade. But when swatched, it's just pink. The shade wasn't that bad but it was not what I pictured. When applied on the cheeks, it's very easy to blend and colour is buildable. That's a plus point for me for it's so easy to use. It's something that wouldn't go wrong since you can pile it sheer and build it up another layer if you want a more intense colour. Super easy to use.

I'm lemming for more NYX Rouge Cream blushes too but as cream blushes have a shorter shelf life compared to powder blushes, I don't suggest going excessively crazy over it since they expire faster. Would probably just get one more next time and that's it. :P

If you haven't tried these blushes, what are you waiting for? For their pigmentation level and the price you pay, it's very value for money. Get these if you are ok with powdery blushes that might be a mess.

For swatches of the NYX Powder Blushes, you can check this site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free stuff: Breathe Right Samples

I think I better blog fast before it's gone. is giving away free Breathe Right samples. It's FREE.

Fr3b is a site where you can earn points and claim free samples (but you have to pay for postage). To be honest, I haven't used my points yet because I'm too lazy to top up postage. For this time, they will giving these samples free of charge. You don't have to top up postage. Just sign up and it'll turn up in your mail box.

Just log in. If you haven't joined, click the banner below.

At the account page, you'll see the link to claiming the sample. If you cant find it, look under their "Blog" section for details.

If you have no idea what Breathe Right is for, it's for relieving snoring or nasal congestion. I've been curious about this product. It's a long story.

Anyway, I just got my package today and they gave me 2 pieces of samples in small-medium. :\ Actually I got it for my father so I was hoping for a large. No idea how you are supposed to answer the questionnaire (in order to get the samples) in the right manner to get the right size. Maybe I'll use it for my blocked nose.

And oh, enclosed in the package is a $1 off coupon due to expire by the end of June 2009. So if you are interested in this product, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tips: Disinfecting Your Makeup

There has been a lack of updates because I caught a flu and for weeks it doesn't seem to be getting better. Even made a few hauls to "make myself feel better" but I've received the packages but am still feeling

I don't really touch my makeup much lately because I think it's gross to do so when you're sick. Especially lip products.

Got interested reading up articles or watching videos on disinfecting makeup.


Beauty Tool Cleanliness

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup and disinfected your brushes and beauty tools?

If the answer is never or last year. Listen up!

Makeup and brushes can make you prettier however, they can make you sick. Examples: Eye infections, skin conditions and lip sores and may bring you to an unexpected visit to the dermatologist.

You wouldn't eat three meals a day seven days, a week with the same used for, spoon or knife would you?

I share with you my personal recipes for keeping it all clean!

Let's start with cleaning off all your shelves where your beauty items live from day to day. Give those shelves, bins or cases a soap and water or Windex wash down at least once a month. Wipe down all mirrors in compacts and eye shadow kits, and your hand mirror too!

Next, sharpen all your eye and lip pencils and put them in the freezer overnight or a few hours. Why you ask? It will help them last longer! (Especially if you have left them in a hot car and they have lost their form.)

Next, wipe down your lipstick tubes (used portion only) with an alcohol sprayed paper towel.

Freeze them.
This practice also disinfects the lipstick tube. Suppose you had a fever blister or flu. You recover and you go back using the same gloss wand or lipstick tube. YUCK! Freeze your tired, melted or poor lipsticks need to recover from being left in a hot car too. This will firm them up and be easier to use as well as make them last longer.

Next, line up your powder blushes and eye shadow. Look for any oily buildup. They will look like little uneven road maps or small dark hard bumps. This is bacteria and an oily skin buildup. Sometimes this dilema does not allow your blush or shadow to smooth properly on your brush. Take a small h'orderve knife and gently scrape off the hard area. Throw the residue in garbage.

Now unto your makeup brushes (including ones inside the compacts or eye kits you get) line up your dirty brushes and one by clean them with a dime size amount of liquid soap swirling it in the palm of your hand. Rinse until all colored residue comes out. Gently squeeze with your fingers all the water out and pat dry with a paper towel. Avoid the handle or base of the brush you do not want the brush to get unglued! However, you can gently wipe down and disinfect the base with a paper towel and a dash of warm water.

Lastly, spray the brushes and a spray of rubbing alcohol. I like to keep it on hand with this mix. 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% distilled water in a spray bottle. I keep it at my vanity to do a quick disinfect of my brushes or tools. Rest on paper towel overnight with brush side hanging a bit of a counter top. Your brushes will dry faster with my professional recommendations and be fresh as a daisy for your use. Do this cleansing ritual once a week. Pretty please!

Wipe down with warm soap and water a dash of rubbing alcohol your tweezers, eyelash curler, nail clippers a and more!

Powder puffs, make up wedges, body sponges and loofahs all need the same love and attention. Makeup wands that have a sponge on a brush handle last longer but need to be cleaned like all the rest of your brushes.

GENTLEMEN: These tips are not just for girls there for you too! Once a month or every other week. Look over your tweezers, nail trimmers, nose clippers, hairbrushes and combs. They need the same attention to keeping it clean detail. So get going!