Thursday, January 05, 2012

Review - Chersamme Reversible Skirt

Bought 2 Chersamme Reversible Skirts (Zara-Tulip Skirt Inspired) after reading Wendy's review. I thought the skirt looks really cute on her and moreover, I really really like multi-functional clothing.

I've stopped shopping from blogshops online mainly because a lot of "free sized apparels" didn't fit me right and ended up disappointing me. So I took a gamble this time as this blogshop offered bigger sizes. I'm glad I bought these.

I ordered Girly Teenager, which has a strawberry fushia and bubblegum violet combination and The Wonderwoman, which has coral red and electric blue combination.

From left to right: The Wonderwoman (Coral side), Girly Teenager (Violet Side)

From left to right: The Wonderwoman (Blue side), Girly Teenager (Fushia Side)

I would say the colours are true to the website's photos, except for The Wonderwoman's Coral side, which turned up looking more of a coral orange in reality than a coral red. All the other 3 colours are all very rich and vibrant while the coral appears a bit duller in comparison. Nonetheless, I find it to be a unique shade.

The reversible skirts are made of elastic polyster silk and so they are incredibly smooth to the touch. They have a few pleats in front but I don't find them to be that visible. The skirts are not sheer at all since they have 2 layers of coloured fabrics sewn together. The skirt comes with 2 pockets and it's the same even when you reverse it. It is smocked at the back.

When I reversed the skirt to try on the other side, I noticed that it will end up like this (see below) where the different coloured fabrics aren't aligned properly so the blue fabric will peek out a little when wearing the coral side. But I am not that bothered by it as it can still pass off as part of the design (to have it peeking out).

Overall, I really like the Chersamme Reversible Skirts. I like the cool concept of having 2 wearable skirts in one. I prefer The Wonderwoman a little more as the electric blue side is really pretty while the coral side is more muted but still really nice.

They still have some leftovers from backorder so if you are interested, drop by their site at

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Sales said...

hey babe! was just web browsing and realised you've featured us! Thank you for your detailed review, we will be launching new colours soon this week! :) Yay! Thanks for your support dear!

Samantha from CherSamme