Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Missha The Style Perfect Concealer

Bought Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in Natural Beige from Gmarket (now known as Qoo10).

Read some good reviews about it so I was very keen to try since it's not easy finding great undereye cream concealer.

The concealer comes in a small jar with a screw top. Was very surprised when I tested it out as it is very very creamy and glides beautifully.

Did a quick swatch. The shade is quite yellow and seems able to conceal the green veins showing at the back of my hand.

Going to test it out longer and probably do a full review for it.

Got the Missha concealer for SGD $5.90 from this Gmarket seller who sent me 2 samples too (which I forgot to include inside photos). You can also consider getting it from this seller who's currently selling it cheaper.

Monday, June 04, 2012

New Hauls: Kate eyeshadows + Canmake Blush and Lip Concealer

Posting my random haul. I try not to do impulse buys when I'm out in the drugstore but I had a voucher to use up :D *EXCUSES mode*

Anyways, missed the recent Watsons cardmembers' sale but... luckily I decided to drop by the following day. They actually still have some leftover makeup sets they usually bundle up to sell during cardmember sale. I usually try to grab those whenever I'm at Watsons sale because they offer the best deals (of course, take note sometimes the items they are trying to clear off have short shelf life).

I picked this Kate bundled set, which contains:
- Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BR-1, which contains golds and bronze shades
- Kate Gel Eyeshadow in PU-1, a light lilac shade
- Kate Lasting Color Eyes in BU-1, a sky blue shade.

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BR-1

From top to bottom: Kate Gel Eyeshadow in PU-1, Kate Lasting Color Eyes in BU-1

Got the above set for $20. Love this set. Very impressed with the eyeshadow quad and the stick shadow. The gel eyeshadow has a bouncy mousse texture, which is fun to play with but pigmentation is lacking.

Dropped by John Little to pick up some Canmake since I realised I have not bought anything from them for a super long time. It's funny how when you have a voucher to use up, you don't really know what to use it on. Do you feel the same? I had a hard time choosing since the item I want (Cheek Gradation :(. Let me know if it's still being sold) seems discontinued. Picked up Canmake Powder Cheek in PW23 Peach Pink and Canmake Lip Concealer in 01. I kind of regret getting the lip concealer. Read some reviews after buying but still went ahead to try it on, and indeed it seems to accentuate lines on my lips.

But I like the blush. It's just a simple peachy shade, I guess. I'm not loving that most of Canmake blushes seem to have a lot of glitters.

Canmake Powder Cheek in PW23 Peach Pink

And can I add a rant?

I really hate how the Canmake display in John Little requires you to bend or even kneel to get to the products, especially those in the lower shelves.

Picture from Google

It's probably this that deters me from checking out Canmake products whenever I drop by John Little.