Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Qoo10 Hauls - Korean Hoodie/Tops

Here's one of my favourite buys for this month. ^.^

I was on the search for a couple of loose fit T-shirts and stumbled upon this shop in Qoo10 Singapore. They sell Korean clothings at affordable prices. Korean T-shirts usually come in boxy fit so yes they do come off as "too big".

I ended up bring drawn to this hoodie top. Just find it really adorable. I am very scared of the cold and as you know Singapore's weather can be unpredictable at times. I find it really useful as a layering piece since it is somewhat sleeveless and still can air your armpits while keeping you warm. xD *coughs*

The material isn't super thick like a real hoodie and feels more like a thicker T-shirt instead. The piece is actually held together by a button that's stitched on at the waist area.

I bought the grey piece and I am super loving it just because it is so easy to slip this on. The hoodie/top fits perfectly for me (I'm UK 8/10).

You can get it from this seller (link). I got it for around $17 (time sale price). Eyeing a couple of their T-shirts for lazy days. Share with me if you bought anything from them too. =D They sell adorable leggings and bottoms too.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beauty Bookmarks - Why You Should Always Dress Your Best

I came across this video. I thought it's rather motivating.

So for people who are uncomfortable/down/depressed with themselves and need a little something to push themselves a little, here's a good thought to instill in yourselves.