Sunday, March 01, 2009

Review: Joppa Tinted Concealer Base

I realised I've lost interest in spreeing/online shopping recently.

Only ordered this tinted concealer base from Joppa Minerals. One item.

But you see two, or rather four items? No your eyes aren't playing tricks. I got a free eyeshadow sample along with my item. But instead of one package, two packages turned up at my door. Think I got lucky.

Sorry the ingredient list is blurred.

The tinted concealer base is recommended for those using mineral makeup concealer. It's suitable for those who find their powder concealer not adhering well to their face.

A quick review. The texture of the base is like lip balm in jars. It's not creamy, but rather dry in the pot and would need a good rub to get some out. But I find it moisturizing and spreads rather easily on the face. It gives a sheer coverage and goes on a little tinted. I think it might show up distinctly on very fair skin but for me, it wasn't obvious and helps to conceal a little bit.

Tested it with Everyday Minerals colour correctors for the undereye (Peach and Sunlight). I had problems with them for correcting my dark eye rings because the powder concealer just refuse to stick no matter how I applied them. And yes, with this, it works very well for me. But it's still very likely for the area to turn cakey if too much powder is used as the powder adheres to the base quite well.

Pros: Smooth application, moisturizing, powder adheres well to it.

Cons: Very unhygenic to keep digging your finger into the pot (I hate lipbalms in pots/jars)

Overall, I think it's not too bad since it works for me. But it does look like something that will dry out quickly.

Joppa is offering free shipping until 5 March 2009. Order your stuff fast if you want to enjoy the deal. :)

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