Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Hauls: Fyrinnae Eyeshadows, Glow Blushes and Lip Lustres

Here's my Fyrinnae haul I got a few weeks back.
** note: Fyrinnae is not exactly a mineral makeup line. They are a vegan makeup company. :P

Anyway, I bought 6 sample eyeshadows, 2 sample blushes (or glows) and 2 full-sized Lip Lustres. They gave me a free eyeshadow. :) I was so excited about my haul when I got these because everything is just so vibrant in real life. The pictures definitely don't do justice.

Their samples are really generous.

From Left: Digital Faerie, Anemone, We're All Mad Here

Digital Faerie was really vibrant and pretty blue which seems a little teal.
Anemone was a little sheer compared to the rest and is a light green blue.
We're All Mad Here is somewhat of a kiwi colour - yellow green.

From Left: Nijiro, Koala, Polar Bear (Freebie)

Nijiro is just a cream colour with different coloured sparkles in it.
Koala is supposed to be a rosy taupe but it seems very plumish to me in the jar. :\
Polar Bear (the freebie) is a gorgeous light gold shade.

From Left: Hypnotize(Glow Blush), Rapunzel Had Extensions, Enchant (Glow Blush)

Rapunzel Had Extensions is a beautiful peach shade. When applied on the eyes, it goes on a little sheer and the gold shimmers get really obvious.
Hypnotize looks mauve in the jar but I think it gives a very natural peach glow on the cheeks.
Enchant is this super bright (almost neon) bright coral blush (looks almost orange). It's super pigmented and gives the face a really nice glow. I use a little bit only but still make the face look overdone so you really have to be super light handed when using this.

Overall, I really like the eyeshadows. They are vibrant, beautiful and just.. hard to explain. When I play with Fyrinnae eyeshadows, I get totally blown away. You will understand what the owners of Fyrinnae meant about their shadows being " complex and "layered"". I get so fascinated how the shadows look whenever I play with these colours.

I actually owned a few more sample eyeshadows that I ordered before this haul and those were the reason I decided to order from them again. Breath-taking colours. You just really have to try them.

As for the glow blushes, I think they really do leave a nice "glow". But it can be quite a hassle to work with super pigmented blushes like these. I look drunk when I overapplied Enchant. :P

And here's the 2 Lip Lusters I got.

From top: Flavor of the Day, Meloncholy

Flavor of The Day is this semi-sheer peachy shade with gold shimmers.
Meloncholy is a lot brighter that in the picture. It's really...coral orange.

The lip lustres are supposed to work more like lip tints than lip glosses. They come with wand-like applicators and are scented in different flavours but I only remember a butter smell.

They are a little too runny for my liking. They are almost liquid and when rubbed on the lips, there's this slippery feeling that I didn't like. Flavor of the day was not very distinctly visible on the lips but it gives a metallic finish on the lips that I like. I don't see a huge difference between the 2 except Meloncholy was brighter and more orange.

I doubt I will buy the Lip Lustres in full sizes again. They have really nice colours and packaging but don't seem to last on me. Maybe applying lip glosses will work better.

If you are interested, definitely check out their site. You get free shipping for USD$20 of orders. Shipping time may take very long as they are famous for taking their time. I did get my haul faster than I expected so maybe they are better now. Be prepared to wait though. Usually they will update how fast their processing is on the website.

One more thing! Sometimes you just can't log in their website. It's most annoying so have a little patience. I had lots of hiccups getting in my orders that I almost gave up but I'm so so glad I did order these in the end.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First MAC Blush

I finally got my first MAC item. Couldn't resist the 25% sale a few months ago. This came in late because it was specially air-flown over by a darling angel. -coughs- -wide grins-

I bought 2 items but the MSF I wanted was out of stock. It was all right because I ended up spending on something else instead. So anyway, here's the MAC blush in Style that I got.

Style is described as "Coral-peach with gold pearl (Frost)" on MAC website. First impression was it really looks that unimpressive as the picture I posted. It looks like a boring orange peach. It doesn't really look like a coral to me.

I would describe Style as a sheer coral-toned peach with gold shimmers (or frost) in it. The frosty finish is rather hard to describe. It's a mixture of a shimmery and satin finish where you see the shimmers but they are muted and not loud, giving it a nice subtle sheen on the face. I don't find it very pigmented on my NC25-30 yellow toned skin. I piled on quite a bit and really don't find it as pigmented as some have reviewed it to be on I guess it works differently on different people. It goes on like a subtle peachy glow, very natural. I just put this on and it makes my face look so fresh and awake. It's super gorgeous. Really am loving it.

I'm kind of glad I chose this over Peaches (true matte peach) which I really wanted to get. Think coral blushes suit me better than peach blushes. I love the glow that Style gives.

Is this the start of a MAC blush addiction? Heh. :p

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: E.L.F Studio Complexion Perfection and Bronzers

Here's some goodies I got from the E.L.F 50% sale. Couldn't resist getting more from the E.L.F Studio range. :P

The ELF Complexion Perfection compact contains 4 corrector colours:
  • Yellow (for correcting purple eye circles)
  • Blue (for highlighting or correcting orange bruises)
  • Green (for correcting any redness and neutralising red acne scars)
  • Pink (for correcting green veins or eye circles and providing complexion with a radiant glow)

You can actually get more colours by mixing. For instance, you can get purple by mixing blue with pink. Purple can be used as a highlighter and dusted all over to make the face look less sallow.

The powder is very fine and sheer. They don't give much colour when swatched. The yellow shade is too sheer for correcting my dark eye circles. Would probably use it to dust over the area after using another concealer/corrector. I couldn't really find a use for the blue shade so didn't try that. (Think I'll try the purple trick next time.) The pink shade gave a mild radiant glow which was all right. I was however, surprised by the green shade. The green is very sheer so it needs a bit of piling before it works on the redness from my acne that I was trying to get rid of. I packed it on with an eyeshadow brush and it blends beautifully. It did not give me full coverage but the redness was neutralised by at least half without leaving an ugly green patch, which most green correctors usually do. I actually really like it and think I would use it the most.

If you blend all the 4 colours together, you get an almost white powder that can be used all over the face. It helps to neutralise colours that shouldn't be there and make your face look more radiant. I tested it on the face without any makeup on. It goes on sheer without much coverage. The finish was nice, somewhat satin-ish. I did notice my face look a little bit brighter and healthier.

Overall, I'm think I might repurchase this product. It's not superbly good but it's still fun to have. The green shade did come in handy for me but I'm not sure it's going to work for those who have plenty of redness in their skin since it's sheer. If you feel you have a lot of correcting (of redness or for correcting dark eye circles) to be done, you might be better off looking for another alternative compact/concealer that provides better coverage. However, if you just want to try out what a corrector compact (or complexion perfection compact as named by E.L.F) is like or you would like your correctors and loose powder to be in one compact for convenience, this could be what you are looking for.

From Left: Warm Bronzer, Golden Bronzer

The ELF Studio Bronzers are so pretty. I really like these (a lot) but I actually don't have that much to say about these. They are very shimmery and pigmented. I've swatched them side by side for comparison's sake but I don't see a huge difference in colours between them except the Warm Bronzer is a little darker than the Golden Bronzer. ( The Golden Bronzer doesn't look as dull in real life as in the photo I posted. My camera washes it out. It's still pretty with shades of gold and browns.)

I really like these but I think they are too shimmery to contour the face. They are however, very nice to use as highlighters/bronzers to dust on your cheekbones or all over to give it a sunkissed glow. They are shimmery when swatched but when on the face, it gives it a nice glow (with the shine but without the shimmer bits). I prefer Golden Bronzer as it's the lighter of the two and suits my skintone better. Warm Bronzer would probably suit you if you are slightly darker with more of a medium to dark skintone.

For more photos/swatches of these, you can check out this link. I know the blush in the Warm Bronzer looks really peachy in the swatches photos in the link but mine's not really the same. Mine's more shimmery than pigmented.

And oh, if they don't work as a bronzer for you, you can use them as eyeshadows too. I've tried. They don't go on as smooth as real eyeshadows but with a sticky base, it shouldn't be a problem. ^.^ (I love multi-functional products.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SN Mix #02

SN Mix #02

2 scoops of premix (Yellow corrector + Buttery Yellow + Medium Ivory)
1 scoop of Buttery Yellow base
0.5 scoop of Glow
4 scoops of Medium Coverage Ivory

Monday, August 10, 2009

Review: NYX Concealer in A Jar

Here's a review for NYX Concealer in a Jar. I have been using these for months so I think it's time for a review!

Got the picture from Google Images.
 Previous hotlinked images to NYX were removed several times.

It all started when I searched a frantic search for the perfect undereye concealer. I figured all my other liquid/stick drugstore concealers weren't really doing anything for me. So I decided to find a creamy concealer which would ensure better coverage for my dark eye circles. And so I found NYX!

NYX Concealer in A Jar has a total of 9 concealer shades (that's a huge variety). They also have 3 colour correctors shades, namely Yellow, Green and Lavender. These concealers/correctors come in a glass jar. It's almost a 5g sample jar size except the glass is extremely thick, making it look bigger.

Currently, I'm using Beige for my undereye circles. I also have 2 correctors: Yellow and Green.

Beige is a slightly darker match for my NC25-30 skin. I prefer using a slightly darker undereye concealer shade as I think it works better in terms of coverage. I hate it when I was pushed to buy lighter concealer shades by sales assistants and ended up making my dark eye circles look ashy instead. Would describe Beige as a medium beige concealer with lots of yellow in it. (The picture I posted was not taken by me but it certainly looks like Beige in that picture.) It was perfect for me to use for concealing. The consistency is very creamy (not dry creamy but smooth creamy) and very easy to blend. Of course it would still cake and show off your fine lines if you pile on a lot so you just got to use it moderately. I really like that it's buildable and gives good amount of coverage.

I must say I really love it!

I've tried it for concealing acne and such but I don't think it's as good as compared to using it to conceal. It doesn't last as long for me. Moreover, this concealer contains mineral oil. I wouldn't really advise it for using it to conceal pimples as it might just irritate it instead if your skin is very sensitive towards mineral oil.

The correctors, however, were a disappointment for me. They are not bad but not what I expected. I wished they were a little deeper in colour.

Yellow is meant for correcting dark eye rings. It's a bright pastel yellow shade. When applied, it sheers out but on my eye circles, it comes off as a whitish patch. It doesn't really does much for me nor neutralises the purples tones in my eye circles. It certainly goes the job of brightening the eye area but I wouldn't use it alone. I think it would be better for those with fairer skintones as the "whitish patch" wouldn't be as obvious.

Green was a recent purchase. It is meant for neutralising redness in the face. It's a minty green shade. I used this on my acne just to see if it helps in reducing redness. My verdict is you really need to use just a minimal amount or the greenness would be obvious on the face. I'm not a fan after using it as I find it too much of a hassle. And maybe I shouldn't be using something with mineral oil on my acne (I'm sensitive to it.). But I think this would be great for those with rosacea problems and really want to neutralise all the redness on their face.

That's about it. Overall, I still like these concealers. Mineral oil bugs me at times but for the price, it's really worth it. I can't remember the price but I believe it's 5 USD or even less during sales. If you are really in need of a concealer, this product is definitely worth a try.

For swatches of the NYX concealers, try looking through youtube. :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Hauls: NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

So here's the little surprise I just got a few days ago. The new NYX palettes! I only ordered 3. Am wondering if it's enough so whether I should get more. :D hee.

So far I've been excited over these.

I got NYX Runway Collection in Champagne & Caviar, Versus and NYX For Your Eyes Only in For Eye Colour Brown.

The palettes came with a cardboard box packaging. It's pretty neat as the colours are coded at the sides so it's still easier for you to find them even you store them in those cardboard boxes. The compact is in black shiny plastic, not like the matte plastic the NYX trios come in. It's definitely very sleek looking. These palettes were smaller than I imagined to be or from what the photos I've seen online. But it's a pretty handy size for putting into your handbag and purses.

NYX Runway Collection: Champagne & Caviar

NYX Runway Collection: Versus

NYX For Your Eyes Collection: For Eye Colour Brown

Have played with these palettes and they are definitely pigmented and very easy to blend. They show up even without using a primer or cream base. But I would still advise using one to make the colours show even more. Very pleased with them.

Most of the colours work for me except one or two which didn't work or come off right. I do feel that some colours belong to NYX's single eyeshadow colours. So if you already own a lot of their single/trio eyeshadows, you might want to compare whether you have same colours in your stash. Overall, I think they are really good buys for their prices. :D

I'll probably do a detailed review another day. There are quite a few details which need me to focus like colour description (oh...big headache) and I really can't focus now.

In case you are wondering about the size again, here's a comparison made between NYX trio eyeshadow, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and the palette. It's about the length of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.

For locals Singaporeans who don't know how long a Jumbo Eye Pencil is, it's about the size of the famous ZA 2-way foundation blue compact. :) Just a weeny smaller and slimmer. :)

Help that helps.


Link to swatches here. I swear you would want everything after going through i.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happiness is....

Got my NYX package and another surprise waiting for me in my mailbox. So happy today! :D