Sunday, March 01, 2009

Watsons 21st Anniversary Sale (26 Feb to 25 March)

[off-topic] If anyone's interested in the upcoming John Little cardmembers' sale mailer, I have it but I'm not posting since Kimoko did. You can check out her photos (so much clearer). I'm very excited since it does look promising. I'm jotting down a list of items to buy. :)

Their current promotion is very tempting too. Not too sure whether it applies to all items but if you are not planning to spend $100 and above, I don't think it's worth it.

Not much.

Only bought these.

Avene Thermal Spray - 2 big bottles for $29.90
Box of Watsons Green Tea Mask - $6.95 (for every $10 purchase)

I don't really like Watsons masks but this green tea masks really work well for acne. Especially for new acne that just popped up and inflamed and those that are terribly painful. That's why I had to stock up on this. Especially when it's so cheap now.

As for the thermal water spray, I've heard good reviews about it for setting makeup and calming the face when irritated. Decided to try it out. :)

Took photos of the catalogue too since it's not up on Watsons website yet. Click the photos to see a bigger version (yes bigger, but not much clearer. :\). Sorry if some of the photos are blurred. Took coffee and my hands got shaky.

Posting such photos is a pain. >.< Hope you find some great deals though.:) -edited- Watsons online catalogue is available on their site. You can check it out for clearer details.

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