Saturday, May 02, 2009

E.L.F Warning

This is another entry about E.L.F cosmetics. I wished to share this piece of information with E.L.F users in case you happened to miss it.

I happened to be checking up HSA website for the list of recalled products in Singapore. And I found that 2 E.L.F products were been recalled in February 2009 and noone seemed to know it. The two products confiscated were the Brightening Eye Colour in 2003 Silver Lining and their Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner 1905 Spice.

You can read up about it here and here.

I got a little worried and decided to pen a little email questioning whether the products are still safe to our dear E.L.F Asia distributor Pixie Cosmetics (which I never had a good impression of, because they blocked Singaporeans from buying E.l.F products online off the USA site by directing us back to the local website. And it's not like their website is updated.).

Instead of providing me with an answer, they insisted that I call up their office to "chat". Apparently, enquires made through emails are not accepted. And they need to verify my identity because they don't trust gmail or hotmail. And it was part of their procedure to do so. So in the end, I did not get a reply. I got pissed.

When things like these happen, shouldn't they be advising us consumers instead of questioning our identities?

If you are holding these two products, please just ditch them out.

It's not funny.

Especially when the brand doesn't care about your safety.

Maybe some companies don't test their products on animals, because they test it on human instead.

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