Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Hauls and Reviews: L'oreal Sale

I'm a little depressed and a little sad I didn't buy more at the Loreal sale which ended yesterday. Heh.

Read up on reviews of the sale online. Many people didn't seem impressed by it. Maybe I'm easily satisfied. I went there to get Garnier products (which I'm such a fan) but in the end I didn't get much. Here's what I've gotten instead.

2 Maybelline Dream Mousse Blushes in Pink Marshmallow and Peach Satin for $10
2 L'oreal Eyeshadow Quads for $10 each
2 Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 945 Natural Nude and 950 Delicate Pink
1 Maybelline Watershine lip gloss in Creamy Peach
1 Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen in 403 (above 4 for $20)
3 Maybelline Smooth Pencil Shadow in Lilac, Green, Turquoise
1 Maybelline Unstoppable Liner (above 4 for $20)
1 Garnier Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturizer for $5
2 Clutches for $5 each (not in picture)

The Gifts-With-Purchase bags are pretty awesome this time round. So pretty. The clutches I've bought are pretty thick. Very satisfied with it. Even if I'm not planning to use them as clutches, they would be perfect as makeup bags for travelling. :)

I'm so glad I finally got the mousse blushes this time round. I've been lemming for Peach Satin for the longest time.

From Left: 01 Pink Marshmallow, 02 Peach Satin

A bit disappointed that Peach Satin was very old stock from year 2007. I had tested it and did not spot anything strange about it. Pink Marshmallow is a sweet pink with silverish glitters when applied. Peach Satin is love. It is this peachy orange shade that dries to a smooth satiny finish. No glitters. It shows up as a glow on me. I am so thankful and so happy these two blushes showed up on me because I've read complaints on how it doesn't show up on some skintones. Peach Satin is now currently my favourite blush. :D

These mousse blushes are buildable so if you want more colour, just pile on it bit by bit. That's what I did (or rather, over did). So after a while to my horror, I find Peach Satin looking a little too bright. So watch the amount you're piling on. The colour doesn't show up on me immediately.

From Left: Made for me Naturals Quad, Summer Quad

I bought these 2 quads for the sake of it. It's just too cheap to resist. I bought a similar eyeshadow quad (one from the Stars Secret collection) from the previous Loreal sale and wasn't particularly impressed with it. These, I feel, were a little better.

The neutral quad consists of a eyebrow powder and a trio eyeshadows. The eyebrow powder was quite good. I like it a lot. The eyeshadows were all right. I just realised it's stated that this quad meant for "Golden Tan skintones", which clearly I'm not. Oh well. I was looking for another neutral quad so this appealed to me except I can't really use the reddish-brown shadow in it. The rest are all right.

The summer quad drew my interest because of the orange eyeshadow. It's so fun and wearable. The pigmentation of these two quads are not bad. There's a little mirror at the bottom. I found it handy. I wanted to buy the Maybelline Eye Studio quads but I didn't. I can't stop thinking about it now.

The lippies! I got 2 lipsticks from the Moisture Extreme range. Was quite impressed. 945 Natural Nude is this peachy brown nude shade and 950 Delicate Pink is just this nice pink shade with a little bit of shimmers. They are really quite matte and I really like it especially the nude lipstick. I think it's actually not bad. Was planning to go down to the sale and picked up a few more (but I didn't for I needed to ban myself :( ). The Watershine lipgloss was such a nice shade that I couldn't resist. Heh.

Out of all Maybelline lip products, I really like the Watershine 3D Collagen range. It goes on really smooth and has lip plumping effects. I was super happy to see it at the sale. But alas, they had only 4 colours to pick from and it was all the red shades. I bought another 403. I already owned one and really like it. It's a bright pink shade but not super bright like fuchsia pink.

From Top: Lilac, Green (not sure), Turquoise

The shadesticks. I am so happy I got these too. I'm not sure how much cheaper they were at the sale as compared to the stores. But I'm really so glad I got these. These shadesticks or pencil eyeshadows can double as cream eyeshadows or as eye bases. The colours are gorgeous. You just need to go over your eyes with these, blend a little and out you go. Super convenient. These dry to a sheen finish and shades are a little metallic. They don't budge on me after drying. Compared to Silky Girl's funky eyelights, I would say these colours are nicer.

I really like these a lot. Turquoise is such a gorgeous colour that I cannot stop gushing over it. I feel like getting more of these.

Overall, very satisfied with what I bought this time round. Wanted the Garnier cleansers too but buying 6 cleansers at one go is really too much for me.

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