Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: Ah Yuan Organic Mung bean & Job’s tears Soap

Have been using Ah Yuan Organic Soap in Organic Mung bean & Job’s tears (or in other words, green beans and barley) for almost 2 months. The results were most obvious when I started out on it. Subsequently, my skin complexion showed improvements but of course there's a limit to how much it can do.

Initially it takes a while to get used to the smell. Now, it reminds me of tau sha pia (-.- Chinese pastries with salty green bean paste). What I did was chop the soap up into smaller pieces for fear of it melting super fast. I would wipe my hands dry before using the soap to swirl in my palms. After that, I would add some water to lather and use. This is to minimise water in contact with the soap. The soap lathers pretty well. Cleanses pretty well. Try to make sure it is washed off thoroughly. I noticed if I didn't, it makes my face itchy.

The soap is really gentle. I do not find it drying on my skin. When I first started out, I found it moisturising instead. I do not get that dry tightening effect as with other cleansers. It just felt normal and maybe even moist on the skin. For acne, it appears to dry up the acne areas. After a while, nothing much really happened to my acne.

After several uses on a daily basis, I realised my face had gotten brighter. I am not kidding about this part. I do have uneven skintone problems and even whitening products do not seem to help much. My forehead used to be much darker than my cheek areas. Now, after using this soap, my skintone has lightened quite a bit. And my skintone is no longer uneven. I would say this soap has lightening properties.(barley and green beans are good for those who wanted to whiten. If you watch Taiwanese shows, they are always talking about eating green beans and barley soup (not soap!) for whitening complexion) So if you have uneven skintone problems and would like a solution, do give this product a try. I would highly recommend this.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product. My complexion have shown improvements. More radiant, less tired looking, no more uneven skin tones (Hurray! :D). I think I did get a little bit fairer because my mineral makeup shades which I used don't suit me. I was a little worried that mixing non-organic cleansers (like example, The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash) would cause a breakout but so far, nothing happened to me.

Pros: Non-drying, makes your skin radiant, no harsh ingredients
Cons: Organic soaps have a shorter shelf life, tendency to melt easily (common complaint by others)

If you want details of where I got it, refer to my older post here.


tall lady said...

where can i purchase the Mung bean soap? I live in LA. Thanks!

vivavoomz said...

Hi, I'm not sure as I'm based in Singapore.

You can try emailing them at their site to see if there are any dealers based in LA.

Joelle said...

Hi how do you cut the soap into pieces? is the soap soft enough to be cut easily?

vivavoomz said...

It's not really soft that you can break up the soap with your hands.

I cut them using kitchen knife (chopper) and chopping board. Be careful if you are not so good with the knife.