Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The She Space Cinderella Collection

I received it this package from The She Space few days ago. This package is way delayed. I think got lost somewhere during the holiday season so it never turned up after waiting for 2 months. Apparently I wasn't the only one who reported a lost package. Heather was rather prompt in sending out replacement packages for everyone. This replacement package turned up two weeks later. I think she hired more workers so it's a whole lot faster if you order from them.

The She Space's Cinderella collection is totally gorgeous. I regretted it when I didn't order it earlier in August last year. Luckily they brought back the whole collection at the end of the year. This collection has already been taken down off their site now. I would have ordered the whole collection in full sizes if I have the money, but I didn't. So it's just samples for me.

the neutrals, pastels, pinks are so lovely.

I don't really like the greens and reds(reddish brown). I think the blues were really gorgeous.

Sorry these photos don't do justice at all. The colours are way gorgeous in real life.

These photos will give a better idea.

The She Space eye pigments are really cheap at US$0.50 a sample. Usually, I will maximise the cart at US$20 so that it's really worth the US$2 shipping. However, it can be a chore trying to organize pigments in baggies. I'm having a headache over them right now.

I'm thinking of getting their Astrology collection some time soon too. Very cool collection. :)

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