Sunday, February 08, 2009

Review: Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Pine Pollen


I'm a user of the original Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream since it was first launched. I still have the old range with me since I am using it very slowly.

I've gotten a sample of Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Pine Pollen with me. It promises to deliver extra benefits with the additional Pine Pollen.

The smell of the product was not very pleasant to me. I must say, I'm not super fond of the pine pollen smell. Or maybe it was the ginseng extract that they include in this pine pollen range. :(

Upon application, there was this extremely icy sensation on your face. The only thing that ever makes my face "burn" is "alcohol denat". This product contains alcohol and perhaps something else and it was just very very very cold. But since women are known to be good at tolerating pain (childbirth), I would say most ladies are willing to suffer in order to stay beautiful.

The sample was a substantial amount for like 2 applications. I didn't want to keep it around so I spreaded the rest over my neck (which I have been neglecting in taking care), my (flabby) arms and my thighs.

And what happened next? To illustrate the amount of "pain", my neck turned red. My thighs (which apparently have thicker skin than my face) could feel the same kind of burning sensation. But well, maybe I used too much.

When compared to the old range, I would prefer my old face lifting cream. The burning sensation was more bearable. The smell was more pleasant to me. Unfortunately, they are not producing it anymore.

Does this product work?
Of course it works. I swear by it when there are days I feel my face is round like the moon. I did not notice much when using the pine pollen face lifting cream partly because my face was feeling normal that day.

However the very next day, I did notice my thighs and face felt very smooth. I did notice some effects on my thighs (haha). But it's only a small attempt it would be too early to evaluate.

My verdict is go ahead and give this product a try if you need a face-lifting cream. Upon application, other than the burning sensation, I think it's still a good slimming face cream. I must warn I don't use it long term so I can't promise it's still effective in the long term. But when I pick it up to use it in times of needs, it always work for me.

I can't really tell whether it's supposed to be a moisturizer but it does leave your face feeling very smooth (a matte kind of feeling). Remember not to apply too much to avoid the icy burning sensation. More cream doesn't mean it "burns" more fats. For me, usually I just apply to my cheeks and the area below the jawline (the part that makes you look like you have a double chin).

Bio-essence is quite generous in giving out trial samples but I really can't remember where I got mine for free.

If you want to pick up a sample (but you need to pay for postage), you can try I just checked. They do have it. I haven't tried that site yet to be honest but I heard it works.

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