Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tips on going Veggie

6 Ways to Go Veggie

I have long advised people to eat less animal protein as a way to lower their intake of saturated fats and avoid environmental toxins. If you need some simple ideas to get your family or yourself started on a lifestyle that reduces or eliminates animal protein, try the following:

1. Use meat as a side dish, not as the entree.
2. Prepare familiar meatless meals such as bean burritos and pasta salads.
3. Eat meatless frequently. Start with meatless breakfasts and then incorporate meatless lunches as well.
4. Substitute fresh vegetables for meat in recipes. Vegetarian chili can be just as delicious as the meat version.
5. Try meat substitutes. Tempeh, wheat meat (gluten) and whole soy products such as tofu or edamame can be as satisfying as meat, and are good sources of vegetable protein.
6. Try new types of cuisine. Many ethnic cuisines offer meat-free dishes; you may not miss the meat when you have new flavors to entice you!

Source: Dr Weil

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