Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Storing sample jars and Daiso eyelash curler

I'm feeling a little cranky right now. I think I had a bad week although it's only halfway through. And even when I come online, sprees are not going smooth, :(

Got the impulse to do a huge NYX haul.

Anyway, so here I am. To do some ranting......

I went to Daiso earlier and was pretty excited. Picked up a couple of stuff.

I finally found a way of storing my sample jars (they gave me a big headache). Probably got inspired after reading this blog entry. It looks like this.

But I found the price of the case ridiculously high.

So i picked up this at Daiso. This is for making ice sticks and it's 2 pieces stuck together.

And you know what? They fit the sample jars perfectly. I can get 28 jars in it, and they don't roll about as much. And it's only $2.

So there you go. A cheap storage solution for sample jars. Since there's 2 pieces of it, you can store 56 sample jars. But I don't really like the bottom layer as the pattern's concaved in another direction. But it still works as well. And the jars wouldn't fall out since the sides are higher up. You can stack these up but it would be troublesome to look through.I think the best would be to put these in those small tiered drawers.

But of course, you have to make sure your sample jars don't leak when placing them sideways. Some of mine do so I got a little worried when placing them like that.

Overall, I'm really pleased with it. It's really neat now.

I also picked up Daiso's eyelash curlers. Read it off Cozycot forums that a nameless brand eyelash curler works pretty well. There was no picture of it but only a description. Anyway I ended up picking up only eyelash curler with a spring. It's the silver one on the right.

And when I got home to try it, I agree it works pretty well. At least it works tonnes better than the Manicure curler I bought from Guardians (the gold one on the left). You can curl many times with the Manicure curler and it wouldn't work. I studied the both of them. Amazingly, they look almost the same (except the Manicure curler was more sturdy). I've always thought it was the curvature of the Manicure curler that didn't work for me. It wasn't it. The curvature and the length of both curlers were exactly the same. Rather it was only the leverage thing that was different. I know they look the same but the Manicure's lever was actually more steep and protuding out a little more and no matter how I use it, I can't fit the curler close to all my lashes and get my lashes at the ends curled. Suddenly it makes a lot of sense why it didn't work for me. The Daiso curler's lever was a little shorter so when you press it close to your eyes, the curler fits the lashes perfectly. But that applies to me. If you have higher cheekbones, maybe curlers with steeper leverage might work better for me. Just maybe.

Never knew there's so much knowledge to getting an eyelash curler. o.O
I haven't figured out the difference between spring curlers and non-spring ones yet though.

I also picked up their undereye concealer (in the middle) because it looks so yellow. The shade is "Light Beige". And my verdict is, don't get it. Haha.

It comes out in a shade looking like very very light beige. Almost like the colour pencil colour which we use for colouring humans we drew when we were kids. I tried it on the undereyes and yes, they conceal super well because you get two white streaks under your eyes. It was fun though. Haha. It is super illuminating and I still managed to find some use as a highlighter. But I don't recommend it as undereye concealer, unless perhaps you are super fair.

The pencil on the extreme left is a Rhomlom multi-use pencil which I just bought elsewhere. I think I'll blog about it another day.

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