Sunday, November 06, 2011

Review: E.L.F Mineral Lipsticks

I've been wanting to do swatches for the E.L.F Mineral Lipsticks for a while so finally got down to doing it while cleaning out my stash.

I actually did a "partial" review on some of these lipsticks quite some time ago.

My opinion is pretty much still the same. While I do have some favourites from the range, the E.L.F mineral lipsticks are probably just average. The constitency of the lipsticks is not the same for all. They may be creamy but some glide so smoothly while others can look unflattering on dry lips.

From left to right: Rosy Raisin, Barely Bitten, Runway Pink, Rosy Tan,
Bare Brown, Cool Coral, Party Pink, Natural Nymph

In case you are wondering, the colours look nothing like the colourful stickers on it.

From left to right: Rosy Raisin, Rosy Tan, Natural Nymph, Barely Bitten

From left to right: Cool Coral, Runway Pink, Party Pink, Bare Brown

My favourite from the range is probably Natural Nymph. It's a very pale beige pink shade. It's almost like a lip concealer if I apply it on and can make me look dead. But that's precisely why I like it because I use it in that manner in order to cover my pigmented lips and then go over with a pigmented nude lip gloss to achieve nude lips. The consistency for Natural Nymph can be rather drying so it's best to exfoliate your lips before you use.

My other favourite is Barely Bitten, which is a sheer red lipstick which is buildable. It glides on super smoothly and the reason I like it is because it's just like its name. It gives a lip tint effect. It's a wearable red  lip colour to try if you want to experiment with red lips but do not want a full on red lips effect.

Rosy Raisin and Rosy Tan are neutral shades that I don't mind wearing. Cool Coral is a more orangey reddish shade, not truly  reflected in swatches. It also has gold shimmers in it. It's actually weird to be named Cool Coral when there's nothing coral about it. Runway Pink is more a bude baby pink while Party Pink is a brighter pink compared to it. (The pinks look the same to me. I had Nicely Nude too but had to throw out as it grew mouldy. :() Bare Brown is just a straight up brown. I wouldn't recommend it if you are fair to light skintone for I don't know what you can use it for. -.-

These retail for US$5. I would probably recommend getting them only during the E.L.F sales.

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