Thursday, January 15, 2009

John Little Expo Sale till this coming Sunday

Went and it was quite a quiet sale. Updates are as follows:


Nothing much for girls. Clothes more for home wear. And very old ladies.
G2000 is worth checking out for. Saw bottoms at $13, tops at $6. But range is very very limited and really small section. No fitting rooms. Bottoms (bermudas, skirts, slacks) are very worth it but it's either hit-and-miss for sizes. (You can try sneaking to a corner to try but I doubt you will want to.) Blazers are for sale too.

Personally, I find plenty of men's wear. Think the apparels part is more targeted towards them. Most of the men are really shopping.


Pierre Cardin bras at $10 (with sizes when i went). Bra sets at $12 each (messy). Undies at 3 for $15.90. There's also a very very messy mountain of undies and bras.
Triump sloggis selling at $15, maximiser at $19, fashion bras also at $15. Smaller size is 75A for sloggis, the rest are the larger ones. (from cotter )

Other brands: Sorelle, Young Hearts, Hush Puppies, Levis.....

Charles & Keith. Shoes at $9, $14+, $16+, 19+, $29+.
Boots at $9 onwards (not sure of price). Mostly knee boots.

For cheaper shoes, very limited sizes ,mostly 34, 40, 41.

C&K Size 41, you MUST head down. There's lots of size 41 shoes selling at $5 each. Very worth it. Very sad I can't buy. There might be some defects so you have to search a little. But I think even getting a few wears out of them is worth it. If you want new ones, $9 section also has a lot of size 41 left.

Belts. Very few at $9.

Shades. Very few left.

Did not see any bags. :(

Other brands: Everbest, Vincci, Tracce. C&K has the biggest section.


ZA 20 +20% off
Makeup and skincare involved.

L'oreal 20+20% off
But not much so didn't stay long. Items I've seen include:
L'oreal Mineral Makeup, True Match 2-way refills, True Match compact + refill (worth it), Blush Delice (very few). There is mascara. Not sure of item name.

For skincare, there's Revalift (red), Hydrafresh (green), a white range with sunblock, and a range for guys. L'oreal Exfotonic Body Scrub is sold bundled up ( I am not sure of the product and its price but I think it's worth it).

Maybelline 20+20% off
Placed with L'oreal. I suppose same discount.
Saw Angelfit 2-way. Loose powder.
NO gel liner, NO mineral makeup.

Fasio 35% off
Fasio has quite a lot of cosmetics on sale. Personally I recommend the gift sets as they are very cheap after 35% off. No idea of their expiry date though.

There's 4 types: (prices before discount)
A. 3D eyeshadow + Lipstick + nail polish (in cardboard bags) $18
B. 3D eyeshadow + Lipstick + lip pencil + whitening toner (stuck on cardboard flat) $18
OR blusher + nailpolish + lip pencil + whitening toner $18
C. Whitening toner + lip pencil + something else (in clear plastic wrappers) $23
D. orange mascara + lip pencil + something else (in coloured yellow or purple bags) $15

If you like Fasio mascara, you can check out set D. I can't compare prices with Kose sale as I didn't go. I'm supposed it's quite a good sale.

O2 skin is having 50% discount! (from cotter)

Other brands: Bioessence, Ginvera, Eversoft but I didn't check out those.

Kordels at 15+ 20% off

Ocean's Health at 10+ 20% off (or 20+20 i forgot)

I hate to rant but do check prices of what you want to get before going. I bought Kordels multivitamins (original price $26+) at $18+. Just went down to check prices and it was only $20+ in store. No idea what it means here (whether the price was increased in Expo, or price decreased in store.) Left me grumpy. If you want to buy, get the bundled ones. Much better deals.

Other sections include bedlinen, storage items, CNY items. There were really cheap deals which you need to look for.

By the way,

There is a "CNY sale" in the hall next to JL sale. They are selling Chinese New Year goodies (no testing. :( ), food, drinks (canned, bottled). I saw a car fair too and a children's playground. You can drop by. I think I saw a corner (near JL's hall) with someone selling clothes (i think more lookable than JL's)

There is also a "Branded Sale" at level 2 Expo. They are selling similiar brand shoes, lingerie, bags. Not very interesting though.

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