Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Haul: L'oreal Sale at Raffles City

Here's what I picked up at the L'Oreal Sale last week.

Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in GR-1 Matcha Mousse Cake and Mx-4 Venice Carnaval
Maybelline Angelfit Brighten-Up Blush in Velvet Apricot and Peachy Sweetie
Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liners in Black and Brown
Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in 914 Iced Peach Tree and 938 Honey Ginger
Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen in 425

From top left to right: Angelfit Brighten-Up Blush in Velvet Apricot and Peachy Sweetie
EyeStudio Quad in Mx-4 Venice Carnaval and GR-1 Matcha Mousse Cake

I love these eyeshadow quads a lot. They are not the most fantastic drugstore eyeshadows but I love them anyway. I think it's because this range is formulated for Asians so I find the colours suit me well. I have 3 other quads but I find these 2 (more shimmery) which I just bought have a tendency to fall out and get all over the face. Venice Carnaval (silver/gold/black quad) is rather gritty. Not recommended if you hate making a mess.

The blushes were a pleasant surprise. I've been wanting Velvet Apricot ever since it came out. Am so glad I bought it. It reminds me of the Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin which I bought earlier in the previous sale. Very nice peachy(orange) glow. Peachy Sweetie is a bubblegum pink blush. A little too pink for me but still really nice.

From left: Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liners in Brown and Black

And of course the famous Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liners. They were selling at $10 each so I got both. It comes with a brush each. The brush was all right. Reminds me of the small precision brush. The brush is thin enough to give a really fine line. The jar is just like a normal 5g sample jar, just that they added a thick base to the bottom of jar to make it look bigger.

Am loving the gel liner in Black. Managed to draw a thin line that was super natural looking. Was not too fond of the brown because it doesn't look like a straight brown to me. It seems like a purplish brown with shimmers. Overall I still like these. They don't smudge on me. :)

The only thing I'm probably not fond of is the lipsticks I bought. Was quite excited about these. Had wanted to grab a few more Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipsticks because I really like how smooth it glides on the lips. I had been contemplating to get 914 Iced Peach Tree for the longest time after swatching it. It seemed like a nice light nude peach when I swatched the testers. But after trying it on, it's a bright orange coral colour. ARgh. And I bought two. Got 938 Honey Ginger after reading a review that it's a nice nude colour. It was a straight brown on me. So imagine my disappointment when I realised the nude colours which I bought were so bold on me. Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen in 425 was nice though, a sweet rosy pink.

So yup, that's it. My entire haul was all Maybelline. Still quite pleased that I like most of it. -Can't stop grinning- I think Maybelline is getting better and better!

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joey said...

hey dear, how do you find out about these sales?