Friday, October 02, 2009

New Haul: Daiso

Look what I found in Daiso (a Japanese store that sells products for $2)!

An Anna Sui inspired earring stand. So cute! How could I resist it. There's a little butterfly and maybe dragonfly engraving at the bottom of the stand.

I have no idea though whether Anna Sui really sells or produces this item. But it's so adorable. It's quite small though, a little bigger than the size of your hand. But I thought it would be good enough to store a few earrings I always wear and air them (after sterilizing) before I keep them. :)

A blurred picture of how it looks like with earrings on.

Found this acrylic holder too. Am so glad I found it again. I used to buy all the acrylic cups and holders Daiso used to carry because they are pretty good for storing all my lip products and concealers and stuff. But the whole range disappeared. :( I had one of these and needed another. I definitely recommend you to get this holder if you have a lot of lippies and pencil liners/bases/concealers. :) So much easier to find and carry about.

And I finally found these! The bottle on the right is a sponge/brush cleanser. Read reviews that it works and have been wanting to try. I finally found it. :)

The tool on the left is used to prevent mascara from getting onto your eyelids during application. Can't wait to try the both of them. :)

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