Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Hauls: Fyrinnae Eyeshadows, Glow Blushes and Lip Lustres

Here's my Fyrinnae haul I got a few weeks back.
** note: Fyrinnae is not exactly a mineral makeup line. They are a vegan makeup company. :P

Anyway, I bought 6 sample eyeshadows, 2 sample blushes (or glows) and 2 full-sized Lip Lustres. They gave me a free eyeshadow. :) I was so excited about my haul when I got these because everything is just so vibrant in real life. The pictures definitely don't do justice.

Their samples are really generous.

From Left: Digital Faerie, Anemone, We're All Mad Here

Digital Faerie was really vibrant and pretty blue which seems a little teal.
Anemone was a little sheer compared to the rest and is a light green blue.
We're All Mad Here is somewhat of a kiwi colour - yellow green.

From Left: Nijiro, Koala, Polar Bear (Freebie)

Nijiro is just a cream colour with different coloured sparkles in it.
Koala is supposed to be a rosy taupe but it seems very plumish to me in the jar. :\
Polar Bear (the freebie) is a gorgeous light gold shade.

From Left: Hypnotize(Glow Blush), Rapunzel Had Extensions, Enchant (Glow Blush)

Rapunzel Had Extensions is a beautiful peach shade. When applied on the eyes, it goes on a little sheer and the gold shimmers get really obvious.
Hypnotize looks mauve in the jar but I think it gives a very natural peach glow on the cheeks.
Enchant is this super bright (almost neon) bright coral blush (looks almost orange). It's super pigmented and gives the face a really nice glow. I use a little bit only but still make the face look overdone so you really have to be super light handed when using this.

Overall, I really like the eyeshadows. They are vibrant, beautiful and just.. hard to explain. When I play with Fyrinnae eyeshadows, I get totally blown away. You will understand what the owners of Fyrinnae meant about their shadows being " complex and "layered"". I get so fascinated how the shadows look whenever I play with these colours.

I actually owned a few more sample eyeshadows that I ordered before this haul and those were the reason I decided to order from them again. Breath-taking colours. You just really have to try them.

As for the glow blushes, I think they really do leave a nice "glow". But it can be quite a hassle to work with super pigmented blushes like these. I look drunk when I overapplied Enchant. :P

And here's the 2 Lip Lusters I got.

From top: Flavor of the Day, Meloncholy

Flavor of The Day is this semi-sheer peachy shade with gold shimmers.
Meloncholy is a lot brighter that in the picture. It's really...coral orange.

The lip lustres are supposed to work more like lip tints than lip glosses. They come with wand-like applicators and are scented in different flavours but I only remember a butter smell.

They are a little too runny for my liking. They are almost liquid and when rubbed on the lips, there's this slippery feeling that I didn't like. Flavor of the day was not very distinctly visible on the lips but it gives a metallic finish on the lips that I like. I don't see a huge difference between the 2 except Meloncholy was brighter and more orange.

I doubt I will buy the Lip Lustres in full sizes again. They have really nice colours and packaging but don't seem to last on me. Maybe applying lip glosses will work better.

If you are interested, definitely check out their site. You get free shipping for USD$20 of orders. Shipping time may take very long as they are famous for taking their time. I did get my haul faster than I expected so maybe they are better now. Be prepared to wait though. Usually they will update how fast their processing is on the website.

One more thing! Sometimes you just can't log in their website. It's most annoying so have a little patience. I had lots of hiccups getting in my orders that I almost gave up but I'm so so glad I did order these in the end.

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