Monday, July 30, 2012

Qoo10 Hauls: China Glaze Nail Polishes

Sharing my mini China Glaze haul from Qoo10 (Gmarket Singapore).

Actually I was most excited about this since I do not own any "branded" nail polishes. (Revlon doesn't count). In the past, I've always wanted to try OPI, China Glaze, Essie nail polishes due to all the raves but you can only get those by ordering through online sprees. Whenever I wanted to place an order, I would take forever to decide on colours and by the time I was done and ready to order, the spree had closed. So now, I can take my time to order instead. Definitely less stressful.

I didn't want to turn into a nail polish fanatic who buys nail polishes in every colour. Thought it would be better to buy colours which are less glaring and be great for daily wear.

Left to right: Electric Beat, Sweet Hook, Gothic Lolita

Picked up Sweet Hook (pinkish lilac), Electric Beat (muted blue), Gothic Lolita (purple with blue duochrome). Absolutely love Sweet Hook. It was not the shade of pastel purple I wanted but it turned up to be so pretty nevertheless (it's brighter and pinker than in picture). I can't stop wearing it. I haven't tried the rest but love the other two too. Electric Beat is this neutral muted blue. I think it's great if you really don't like glaring nail polish staring back at you whenever you look at your fingers. As for Gothic Lolita, I picked up only because I am obsessed with purple, especially purples with blue duochrome in it. Since I love purple, I guess I don't mind adding it in my collection.

So far the China Glaze nail polishes have lasted pretty well on my nails even without a top coat. Definitely will be getting more colours.

You can get China Glaze nail polishes from Sephora Singapore and certain Watsons for around SGD$18. I bought these for around SGD$7 from this Qoo10 seller when there was special promotion ongoing.

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