Monday, May 28, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Zara Lace Dress

Just bought this Zara Lace Dress in black from a Gmarket seller.

Seller stated that it is an authentic Zara piece that is factory overrun. I am actually very skeptical about all the branded pieces selling in Gmarket (or in general, any online selling platform). As the Zara tag looks a bit flimsy, I don't really think this is authentic. Nevertheless, I still like this piece a lot and feel it's worth paying $30 for. The lace detail is amazing.

Lace detail at the top

Lace detail at the bottom (not stuck together with lining)

I've been wanting a lace overlay dress for months so this is perfect. The top half is fitted while the bottom half is more of a flouncy skirt with the lace draping over a opaque cotton poofy skirt that acts as the lining. You get a ribbon to tie around the waist too. It is exactly the same as the first picture. There's also a zipper at the back which ends at the waist. I had no problem with the size I ordered but if you have broader shoulders, maybe you want to order a size up since most of the girls (you can read reviews on the site) say that the zipper makes it harder for them to get out of the dress.

Overall, although I feel it doesn't feel like an authentic Zara piece, I love how elegant the dress looks. It's a well-made dress for the price I paid. Highly recommend it so grab it fast. I'm actually thinking of getting it in the other colour. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Korean Tops

Gmarket Singapore is now known as Qoo10 instead. I have a hard time getting used to it. :\

So previously I was sharing that I wanted to order some apparels from Gmarket Korea. But I found the same listing in Gmarket Singapore. It saved me a headache from ordering from the korean site and worrying about expensive shipping fees.

Here's the top I wanted.

I wanted it in Ivory but by the time I ordered, I was informed it was out of stock. So lucky me that I didn't get it off the Korean site.

I ordered it in Mustard instead. And then another top. And then another. I ended up ordering a lot.

So here's my partial collective haul. I love chiffon tops a lot and I can't seem to find them easily so I ordered more. Also got 2 denim tops since I love the polka dots and prints on it. Super cute.

Please excuse the colour differences due to lightings as I was in a rush. The top I wanted is called BL-50/Blair and I love the mustard shade. Piece is very feminine and versatile for matching.

I love the other pieces I got from the seller too. So far, everything fits nicely. The chiffon pieces fit me ( UK 8/10) perfectly. The denim pieces are a little bigger and box cut. Might be too big for slimmer figures. I like the chiffon pieces a little more since they fit me better. All these pieces come with a hanger and a plastic cover to prevent them from getting hooked and scratched when I received the items. How awesome is that.

The tops are also very affordable. I managed to get some of these at SGD$10-15 each. Would definitely recommend the seller.

Shipping is by Eurasia, which is like a courier company which delivers to your doorstep. The tricky part is they'll only call you on the day they are going to deliver. Sometimes I don't even get a call. You can track the package from the Gmarket site but it's quite useless. Eurasia doesn't have a website for you to track packages but there is a phone number you can contact them at. So far, I've been lucky and they delivered to me during the weekends when someone was home. (I ordered so much until I can predict when they are coming. >.< ) It takes about one week for me to receive the items.

I just ordered more from the seller since he/she added new sleeveless designs which I love.

Enjoy shopping. :D