Monday, April 30, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Skin79 Super Plus Vital BB Cream and more Holika Holika Jewel-Light Eyeliners

More stuff from Gmarket.

Bought more of the Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliners after liking my previous buy in Pink Topaz.

Got in 02 Black Crystal, 03 Lopis Rajulri, 04 Purple Amethyst and 06 Olive Perry dot. Got these at sale prices at SGD$3 each. :) Came with 2 Etude House samples too.

Finally ordered the new Skin79 Super Plus Vital BB Cream too. Love the bright bold orange packaging.

Seller was generous enough to give 3 samples - a Skin79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB Cream sample, a Skin79 Super Plus Gold BB Cream sample and a Skin79 BB Cleanser sample. When I ordered, I thought I was only going to get 2, but the additional cleanser sample surprised me. :)

New Skin79 Orange Vital BB Cream vs Old Skin79 Gold BB Cream

The orange bb cream is still 40g but I actually found out that it seems a little shorter than my older Skin79 Super Plus Gold BB Cream purchased more than a year ago from Gmarket too. I started wondering if my older gold BB cream is a fake (which is unlikely since I did a thorough check on my gold bb cream before using it and it seems authentic). Did some research and they seem to have revamped it into a smaller size. The difference in height is not much but thought I'll mention it. The new packaging is actually better because the bb cream comes with a product authenticity label at the back.

Swatched this on the back of my hand and it's really yellow. That's the reason I wanted it, simply because it's not grey toned bb cream but yellow. Hehe. Tested the product on my face and it blends well and helps to brighten up the face. Although it's a yellow based shade, I think light skinned girls would still find it to be too fair for them. Perhaps it's the SPF 50 that causes the skin to look overly light. Fair skinned girls would love this I suppose. I probably need to try this longer and play around with it before I can decide whether I love it.

Got the Skin79 bb cream from this Gmarket seller, who sells the full range of Skin79 products, for less than SGD$20. (Use the Gmarket coupons! :) ) Seller ships the items from South Korea to countries outside Singapore, like Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan too.

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