Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: April Skin Magic Stone Soap

Been a while since I've last blogged. I want to get back to reviewing stuff. Here's one.

I've been trying April Skin Magic Stone Soap in Black for a while. This is supposedly quite a famous product highly raved by Ulzzangs. I don't really care about that to be honest. Just tried the product out of curiosity and I'm impressed. 

April Skin Magic Stone Soap is stated to be a 100% natural cleansing soap. It comes in 2 colours - Original (the Grey) and the Black version. The black is used for normal cleansing, while the grey is used for deep cleansing and removing makeup.
I can't read the words on the packaging so I'll just copy the ingredient list over.

The ingredients in it are as follows:
Original - Vegetable Oils (Coconut, Olive, Palm, Sunflower Seed, Grape Seed, Shea Butter, 
Black - Gangwon-do Charcoal, Shea Butter, Germented Rice Bran, Sulfur, Pearl Powder, EM broth, Sunflower Seeds, Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut, Castor Oil, Palm, Olive Oil.

I've been using the Black version for months and I really like it. For a natural bar soap, this soap foams really well and the bonus point is that it doesn't melt that fast as compared to other natural soap. So even if you leave it wet, it's still in solid form. I've used other organic soaps and they can turn soggy and melt to half the size once you wet them.

Once you foam up, spread the foam across the face. The more foam you have, the better it cleanses the face as foam can get in your tiny pores and cleanse thoroughly. One thing to note is to avoid getting the foam into your eyes as it can hurt very badly. I mean badly.

Of course, this product is not perfect. After using it for a while, I notice it did nothing for my acne or acne scars. So if you are purchasing this for it, it's not going to do wonders for acne skin. But I did notice that I don't have as much blackheads as before. I usually get like a cluster around my cheeks and they have lessened. It does not make bigger blackheads disappear overnight, but I've noticed them to dry up a little faster with time and they pop really easily. So my blackheads have really reduced significantly.

After my first time cleansing my face with this soap, I also noticed how clean and soft my skin felt. Then it felt a little dry (I noticed other reviewers mentioning it so I took extra notice of it) so I had to moisturize properly after it. But after using it for a while, my skin got used to it and it no longer felt dry. Instead I feel fine even if I did not moisturize my face after. I also notice less oiling as compared to using other cleansers.

So I really love this soap. I think it's really worth buying and it's also affordable. I love that it's natural and also does wonders for my oily skin. I've noticed an improvement to the texture and brightness of my skin after using this. I would recommend it.

I purchased the soap from this Qoo10 seller.

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