Saturday, December 01, 2012

Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes - 3D Eyes

Something I wanted to share on my blog long ago is actually more eyeshadow application techniques for the Asian eye. :)

I'm afraid the photos can't capture the vibrancy of the colours so bear with me. :( I added illustrations for better explanation. (Doing these illustrations remind me of my Home Economics assignment. I had to draw something but I sucked at drawing so I did something special just to score points. :) haha. )

Anyway this is the 3D eyeshaodw technique I learnt from watching one of those Taiwanese beauty shows.

I used SilkyGirl's Blockbuster palette in Smokey Charm that I blogged about previously. The eyeshadows are on the colourful side but yet wearable. All 3 shades come with a sheen finish except for the grey which seems more matte to me. For swatches of the palette, please refer here.

1. Apply the navy blue shade at the inner corner and other corner of the eyelid, leaving space in the middle.

2. Next, take the light yellowish gold shade to highlight under the browbone. Also apply at the lower inner corner to brighten the eyes. Then apply the shade in the middle of the eyelid area to create dimension. Blend the edges that the gold and the navy overlap.

3. Take the matte grey shade and blend along the outer socket line (along orbital bone) to create depth.

4. Line the hot pink shade all along the lower eyelid area. Then take the navy blue shade to line halfway starting from the middle to the outer corner of the lower lid. The 2 shades blend to create a lovely purple.

So here's the look. It probably looks incomplete/messy/sloppy and I know my eye doesn't look healthy at the moment. :\ You can then do your eyeliner, mascara whatever you need to make it complete.

Some tips to add on:
To make the eyes look more dimensional, you can replace the light gold shade with a shimmery shade or find a extra shimmery eyeshadow to add on in the middle of your eyelid. What happens is when you close your eyelids, the shimmery shade will really make the middle of your eyes protrude when the light hits on them, giving the illusion of dimension.

My thoughts:
I actually loved the palette after this. I really love the pink and navy blue shade blend to form a nice shade of purple. It's like a nice bonus shade. I just love how wearable it is even for daytime looks.

As for the 3D technique, I like how the placement of gold in between the navy blue brings light to my eyes. I love navy blue shade but can't really pull it off alone as sometimes, I feel it makes my eyes look tired. So this's actually a nice method to cheat and pull off the colour that you can't wear.

Hope this is helpful.

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