Monday, May 28, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Zara Lace Dress

Just bought this Zara Lace Dress in black from a Gmarket seller.

Seller stated that it is an authentic Zara piece that is factory overrun. I am actually very skeptical about all the branded pieces selling in Gmarket (or in general, any online selling platform). As the Zara tag looks a bit flimsy, I don't really think this is authentic. Nevertheless, I still like this piece a lot and feel it's worth paying $30 for. The lace detail is amazing.

Lace detail at the top

Lace detail at the bottom (not stuck together with lining)

I've been wanting a lace overlay dress for months so this is perfect. The top half is fitted while the bottom half is more of a flouncy skirt with the lace draping over a opaque cotton poofy skirt that acts as the lining. You get a ribbon to tie around the waist too. It is exactly the same as the first picture. There's also a zipper at the back which ends at the waist. I had no problem with the size I ordered but if you have broader shoulders, maybe you want to order a size up since most of the girls (you can read reviews on the site) say that the zipper makes it harder for them to get out of the dress.

Overall, although I feel it doesn't feel like an authentic Zara piece, I love how elegant the dress looks. It's a well-made dress for the price I paid. Highly recommend it so grab it fast. I'm actually thinking of getting it in the other colour. :)

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