Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gmarket Hauls: Korean Tops

Gmarket Singapore is now known as Qoo10 instead. I have a hard time getting used to it. :\

So previously I was sharing that I wanted to order some apparels from Gmarket Korea. But I found the same listing in Gmarket Singapore. It saved me a headache from ordering from the korean site and worrying about expensive shipping fees.

Here's the top I wanted.

I wanted it in Ivory but by the time I ordered, I was informed it was out of stock. So lucky me that I didn't get it off the Korean site.

I ordered it in Mustard instead. And then another top. And then another. I ended up ordering a lot.

So here's my partial collective haul. I love chiffon tops a lot and I can't seem to find them easily so I ordered more. Also got 2 denim tops since I love the polka dots and prints on it. Super cute.

Please excuse the colour differences due to lightings as I was in a rush. The top I wanted is called BL-50/Blair and I love the mustard shade. Piece is very feminine and versatile for matching.

I love the other pieces I got from the seller too. So far, everything fits nicely. The chiffon pieces fit me ( UK 8/10) perfectly. The denim pieces are a little bigger and box cut. Might be too big for slimmer figures. I like the chiffon pieces a little more since they fit me better. All these pieces come with a hanger and a plastic cover to prevent them from getting hooked and scratched when I received the items. How awesome is that.

The tops are also very affordable. I managed to get some of these at SGD$10-15 each. Would definitely recommend the seller.

Shipping is by Eurasia, which is like a courier company which delivers to your doorstep. The tricky part is they'll only call you on the day they are going to deliver. Sometimes I don't even get a call. You can track the package from the Gmarket site but it's quite useless. Eurasia doesn't have a website for you to track packages but there is a phone number you can contact them at. So far, I've been lucky and they delivered to me during the weekends when someone was home. (I ordered so much until I can predict when they are coming. >.< ) It takes about one week for me to receive the items.

I just ordered more from the seller since he/she added new sleeveless designs which I love.

Enjoy shopping. :D

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