Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Hauls: H&M + Versace for H&M

Now if you stay in Singapore, you'll probably know by now H&M opened their first flatship store along Orchard Road. I was really excited about it but I didn't go there immediately. I went there weeks after it opened and it was still super crowded. Took a quick browse and ended up not getting a thing due to long queues.

Picked up some stuff during the second visit. I was expecting to shop more but I didn't really see a lot of things that I like and some sizes were sold out.

I ended up picking up a few belts (which was what I had planned to get), a bundle of gold bangles. I needed skinny belts and really like the braided ones and these are really affordable. Also bought a dark navy flowy blouse which is super comfy (not in picture because the camera refuses to capture details) and a pair of black suede flat pumps with fake leather ribbons on it (not in picture because it has been banished to a corner of my shoe cabinet at the moment).

Seriously, the flat pumps hurt my feet so bad. I probably won't really recommend them to people with broad feet.

I actually like H&M. Just can't stop thinking when they'll stock up again with new items. I don't really like the location of the store as I seem to forget where it is easily. But compared to Forever21, I think I have more tendency to buy stuff from H&M than Forever21. H&M carries lots of basic, simple yet chic clothing which kinda appeals to me more. I've been to F21 a couple of times the past few months wanting to get something and each time I came out empty handed.

Oh well, let's hope H&M opens a few more stores in Singapore. :) That'll be awesome.

Anyway I was browsing the H&M Singapore website and spotted the collaboration collection by Versace for H&M and I was like "WHAT!".

Here are some pictures:

I really wonder who will buy these. -.-'

The leather dress from the collection is nice but those above are just so...tropical.

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